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In 2010, Ri Ri got tired of singers and actors and decided to take a swing at baseball players. Rihanna made a comment on Instagram about his poor performance on the court, blaming his postseason struggles on being “hungover from clubbing every night during the playoffs.” He then fired back with an Instagram post mocking his ex-girlfriend.

She even openly gushed about her feelings for Los Angeles Dodgers’ center fielder, Matt Kemp. Looks like celebs aren’t too different from us after all.

I hope that Rihanna speaks out for women everywhere and becomes a new role model.

One that shows women that they can and must be strong enough to walk away from a bad relationship.

The two have been the source of gossip, music collaborations, and the occasional Drake—Chris Brown fist fight.

I know that some women think being alone is worse than death itself, but it’s still hard to comprehend why they can’t find the strength to pull themselves out of the situation.

Some women may not know what a healthy relationship looks like, and sometimes expect this behavior from men.

She’s been with her boyfriend for years, and every year it gets worse. I think mainly because her boyfriends’ abuse is not physical. And with mental abuse there are no scars, no physical evidence. My friend, herself, won’t even recognize he is abusive. Any guy that makes you feel like you are less of a person with out him, continually chips away at your self-esteem and makes you walk on egg shells in your own home, is someone that is abusing his relationship.

She makes excuses, and he promises to try harder, but every year I watch this woman lose more and more of herself. How can you prove to the authorities he’s abusive when you don’t have any tangible evidence? Why women put up with this behavior, I’m not quite sure.

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I hope she shows young girls that no matter what, you must put yourself, your happiness and health first.

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