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If you have a bottle of spirits but you don't know how old it is, you can estimate the date of the bottle from a few key clues.

Once you've figured out how old the bottle is, consider carefully whether it's safe to drink the contents or not.

Look for the raised letters on the bottle that say, "Federal Law Prohibits the Resale or Reuse of this Bottle." This will date your bottle between 19, when federal law required all bottle manufacturers to have this wording in their molds.

For example, this evening I spent several seconds puzzling over my Herbal Essences drama clean refreshing shampoo conditioner answer.As a child I remember hearing many accounts of Jesus's final hours, the stations of the cross, and the events that took place before his execution.Hell, I even saw "The Passion of the Christ", which god has told us is the most accurate depiction of the whole event.Collectors of brands such as Dwyers', Crown Royal and American whiskeys, such as Jack Daniels, will have detailed pages that can help you decipher particular bottle marks and the dates associated with them.If you have a sun-faded label, keep in mind that the taste will be considerably altered.

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