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I know there is a contingency of female readers who read your blog and Berkhof’s systematic theology among other things.

The paradox of being an older female single in the Reformed camp.

I came across a video which reminded me of that story.Instead I look to blogs by men that talk about the workforce in today’s society and other issues my married female counter-parts don’t have to face as often.So I wanted to encourage the other gals out there, who are flummoxed and bewildered at their current status in life, to still praise God.Do not be too quick to escape out of the mode of singleness with a flash of your credit card.Yes, it has worked for some, but deep down, aren’t you a hopeless romantic wanting true love the old-fashioned way?

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Thus it is perplexing to be handed a sword and pushed into a battle I was not expecting.

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