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Liotta produced and acted in the movie Narc for he won the nominations for Independent Spirit for Best Supporting Male and Pheonix Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor.In 2015 he starred Western miniseries Texas Rising for The History Channel.

After that, he landed plenty of major roles in many movies like Forever Mine, Pilgrim, Heartbreakers, The Last Shot, Wild Hogs and so on.

What Ray Liotta’s plastic surgery says about our obsession with aging?

Turning to plastic surgery to remake one’s appearance does have its risks, and all too often celebrities are gossiped about more for the changes they make than they were for aging naturally.

But apparently, he’s looking to smooth out some of the rough edges in his appearance these days. Although like many celebrities Liotta denies having any type of cosmetic surgery done, the gossip is that the difference between earlier photos and later ones comes from having a facelift done.

Things such as bagging eyelids and sags in areas under the eyes and the cheeks are to be expected as people age.

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But unfortunately, the result is just what we see now. The result of injecting fillers into his laugh lines is a cold look. It also looks like he has covered his forehead in botox because it looks perfectly smooth without any wrinkles. Becoming too obsessed with being young is not a good thing.

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  1. Elizabeth recurred in That '70s Show for a number of episodes. Elizabeth was one of the celebrities on an episode of NBC's Thank God You're Here along with Tom Green, Chelsea Handler, and George Takei.