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There is a difference between the two results but given the uncertainties associated with the sample, the magnitude of the difference is not too unreasonable. Integrity and characteristics of the bones of the Danish King St Knud (II) the Holy (†AD 1086). All samples are calibrated using CALIB4.4 -the atmospheric terrestrial calibration curve of Stuiver et al. for the MR1 samples, both the atmospheric and marine calibration results are presented.Calibrated age ranges are from the probability distribution using Method B. Siliceous microfossils and mineral magnetic characteristics in a sediment core from Lake Manitoba, Canada: a remnant of glacial Lake Agassiz. Risberg, Jan Sandgren, Per Teller, James T and Last, William M 1999.

All radiocarbon samples listed here are taken on charcoal or ash and are conventional radiocarbon dates, unless otherwise stated. Calibration of cosmogenic 3He production rates from Holocene lava flows in Oregon, USA, and effects of the Earth's magnetic field. Mechanisms of Global Climate Change at Millennial Time Scales. Their calibration is slightly problematic, because the d13C-values are in the range of marine samples. the above diagram is prepared using the Terrestrial calibration curve (N. samples Hd-20755, Hd-20756 and Hd-20758 come out 400-800 years younger if the Marine calibration curve is used).If that were the case they would have to be calibrated against the marine calibration curve, which would decrease the age by at least 400 and at most 800 years. The samples from MR6.1 (OZE-165 and OZE-166) and MR6.3 (NZA-8042) were all dated using the AMS method.

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