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It was during one of those all-out wars, the nonsmokers were waged against the smokers who were already banned from smoking in all public buildings; theaters, restaurants, and such. Now, at the age of sixty, he has to consider the unimaginable, because, smoking to him is like that lifelong friend, one of the family, an unthinkable sacrifice. a few years back, who told him, ” You might as well keep right on smoking.This was the time when one city banned smoking everywhere within its limits, although you could still smoke in your own home. There is also a movement growing that would want smoking banned in the entire State of California! He thought, ‘ Man,….those Nons are having a real melt down.’ Even the place of solitude and refuge, the Neighborhood Bar, even it was not spared, a place where ninety percent of the patrons smoke and the other ten percent are oblivious. Years ago when he promised himself that; if, and when they ever got to be a dollar a pack he would cut them loose. They’ve already taken their toll.” ” I did hear something about that D! Cigarettes were only a mere twenty-five cents a pack then.Days went by, and nothing had changed, he still smoked the same amount of cigarettes.One morning his wife came into the kitchen where he was in the middle of changing patches. She then suggested, “Why don’t you try leaving all of them on? He was well into the ‘final step’ patches and miraculously down to two cigarettes a day!Just don’t take them off.” He thought about how the patches weren’t working for him. I’m willing to try almost anything now thanks, honey! And then one morning, he didn’t need to go outside to have his usual cup of coffee and smoke.I count the beads as they pass through my fingers and when the skull comes across I'm reminded of everything alcohol is to me. I'm only on day 3 after a good stretch of time so I won't be dating for a while, but I'm young (28) and have a strong urge to meet someone.It's the worst part about being sober for me and always is my biggest challenge. Take everything that I'm about to say as a grain of salt, because, as you can ascertain from my badge, I'm pretty much in the same boat as far as days sober.

I think I feel this way because I arrived at my conclusion to be sober pretty much 100% on my own and with 100% resolve.

Painlessly, almost effortlessly, and with a lot of praying to Jehovah God. He wouldn’t recommend his approach to quitting for everyone. And, now, when the tax on cigarettes goes up, D doesn’t give it a second thought.

It was right then and there he had just quit smoking! He only found out a few years later that the amount of nicotine that must have been in his system could have killed a lesser smoker! Although he still feels bad for the poor smoker on a tight budget.

Then I forget my resolve and motivation while simultaneously rationalizing moderation again prior to some date and have my first drink in order to relax and feel normal on the date.

That starts the slow spiral back to realizing I can't drink anymore.

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