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I have had one lesbian relationship with my best friend which I can never forget and my heart still hasn’t mended. You just don’t know how to break free from your inertia and do it. All I can tell you is that you’ll have to be brave, and you’ll have to believe that the life you could have is better than the one you’ve accepted.

Lesbians, sorry to stereotype, BUT IT’S EXTREMELY TRUE, fucking love talking about their feelings.You are very honest with yourself: You regret the choice to get married.The thing is, you make that same choice again every day you stay.Many other LGBTQ Muslims have experienced what you’re going through, and if you don’t know any in person, there are myriad online resources to help you navigate any tension you might feel between your identity and your beliefs. People are very good at getting used to things, even terrible things, and so it can be tempting to avoid the fear and the struggle for the bleak comfort of familiarity.There will be moments when you’re like, “Do I really have to do this?

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Getting a divorce is also the only way you’ll stand a chance of getting over the ex that left your heart in a shambles.

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