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Cross Coburn was 19 years old and only four months into his political career when the envelope that threatened to destroy it arrived at Groves City Hall.

A drama major at Lamar State-Port Arthur, Coburn had wanted to go into politics since he was a child.

Agency spokesman John Martins told local media that the department is aware of the mistake, and it's being corrected.

"We have a plan in place to replace all existing defective cards and have taken additional steps to strengthen our review process so this type of inadvertent error does not occur again," he said.

“There is currently no evidence that The Loup is involved in this issue,” Stevenson told The Post.

However, one Loup user told The Post that teens have had bad experiences after meeting phone friends face-to-face.

Sparked by the turbulent 2016 presidential election, in which he supported Bernie Sanders, Coburn filed for the city council election in his Ward 1, submitting his candidacy on August 18, just three days before the deadline expired.

Coburn is young, idealistic, progressive, and openly gay; Groves, a refinery town in the shadow of Beaumont and Port Arthur, skews older (the average age is 39, about four years older than the statewide average) and conservative (Donald Trump carried 75 percent of the vote here in 2016).

“I felt I had my shot and it’s time for a fresh face, new ideas and fresh perspective,” Rasa told the .

The message is added to a loop of messages, which teens listen to and then contact each other one-on-one.

While on the line, users punch in ID numbers of people they want to talk to.

“I wish [Coburn] good fortune and great success.” Never before in Groves had a 19-year-old progressive-minded gay man held a public position of power.

Few of the city’s leaders knew what to think of Coburn. Sosa told me he can remember only two or three city elections held in Groves since he entered office fifteen years ago.

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