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She took off her trendy rimless spectacles and cleaned them on the edge of her shirt. It’s our secret,” shrieked Janet before sipping her tea and dunking a chocolate digestive biscuit in the near boiling liquid. “Anyway Julie, it was like this...” The white patrol car eased gently along the lane with the two female constables gazing intently all around. “You will like some of those especially.” said Rob.

“This new fucking bra is killing me,” Dawn muttered, pulling her shirt from her waistband and sticking her hand up. They had seen the speeding 4 x 4 SUV turn off the minor road they travelled, it’s wavering passage and pace suggesting drugs or booze. Janet chuckled and patted Dawn on the shoulder, thinking that her lover in the police force still had the odd leanings towards men when she felt like it. “Rigor Mortis wouldn’t set in yet, but he is surprisingly hard still. Nigel chuckled when he was handed the photographs and gasped in astonishment at what they revealed.

She spread her strong legs and enjoyed the freedom of air filtering round her stockinged thighs.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t the road closures, she’s on about Julie,” said WPC Janet Woods, joining them in the staff room with a steaming kettle. We were first on the scene.” “Oh I haven’t been first on an incident yet.

Related: Britain's busiest speed camera that snares 327 drivers a week and made up to £5MILLION over three years With more awareness around Speedo, more drivers will be less cautious upon spotting her on the road as they will know she is not real.

The 71-year-old parish councillor, who runs Church View Farm Shop in Southport Road, Lydiate, decided to make her after a series of traffic accidents occurred often due to dangerous driving.

Councils have not implemented speed cameras despite this.

I haven’t seen many but that was a cracker,” chuckled Dawn. “Tell you what, you go and have fun with little Gemma’s pussy and I’ll enjoy myself here, then we tidy up and radio in ... ” suggested Dawn, her fat hairy snatch already juicy with the idea. “So I gobbled him and frigged my self while she sucked the girl and frigged herself and everyone was happy,” screeched Dawn. Julie looked down as the others did and shyly extracted her hand from up her skirt.

Janet poured some builders tea for them all, sat down, kicked off her flat black shoes and loosened her uniform. ‘They were still lovely and warm.” Julie sat stunned in her chair as the tale spilled out. “I mean how long was it before the medics and forensic came.” “Can’t remember but so what? She nodded and blinded the other two with her full Caribbean style smile.

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