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Even one of Facebook’s own founders has laid out a case for why the company needs to be split up.Now the world’s biggest social network has started to modify its behavior — in both pre-emptive and defensive ways — to deal with those threats.After all, you are able to call people directly using the Facebook Messenger app which explains why it has a few differences from the regular Facebook app such as permission to directly call phone numbers.Well, Facebook has some pages in their Help Center to explain to users what the permissions are used for.

It requested nearly all the same permissions as the Facebook Messenger App except for a couple. Perhaps they can make a video to scare everyone about it. The point I'm trying to make with this post is that...

Yet, I don't see everyone up in arms about their privacy when they download AVG... you shouldn't be any more worried about your privacy than you were before the Messenger App became mandatory in order to access your messages through the regular Facebook App. Because it uses almost every single permission that the regular Facebook App uses.

Not to mention, based on the number of downloads listed for the other popular apps above, chances are that you use at least one of those apps and those apps use many of the same permissions as the Facebook Messenger App. There are plenty out there -- Whats App, Kik, Skype, etc.

Another common phrase you see a lot — “send nudes” — is a no-no, whether its meant as a joke or an actual request. Eg — Christopher Carbone (@christocarbone) December 6, 2018 with #tumblr banning adult content and now #Facebook banning all sexual innuendo in their "community standards" with #instagram likely to soon follow, what else is out there? — Jesse DM's maniacs (@Give Me An Axe) December 6, 2018: “This change was prompted, in large part, by conversations with our content reviewers, who told us that the sexual exploitation policy did not adequately distinguish between exploitation (e.g. Look at the photos she sent me.’) and solicitation (e.g.

The new rules ban “offering or asking for nude images.” Via FB’s community standards: “Do not post content that engages in implicit sexual solicitation, which can be identified by… N — Jennifer Scheurle (@Gaohmee) December 5, 2018 Facebook has changed community standards. Nothing can suggest “erotic dance” or even slang like “a good time” Read the whole thing. PAj Ra9T PFi Cnt F — Cynthia (@Tazertazertazer) December 5, 2018 Have #LGBT folks noticed that #Facebook updated its community standards to ban a wider range of language around "sexual solicitation"?

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Otherwise, that button is useless because it won't do anything. There are plenty of other apps out there that use many of these same permissions.

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