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She was little upset while we were chatting about her previous relationship. Then we chatted about my relationship and how it was a flop too.So both were in a similar situation fresh out of a breakup.Asked her if it is fine for me to add her if she doesn’t mind.She was fine with it & I added her to my list & we exchanged bye & left.My friend and I were reaching our destination and I asked her if she’s with Airtel or Vodafone.She said Airtel, & I asked her if her number starts with 99.I installed the yahoo messenger app on the phone & tried how it works. It was a Saturday & my friend had visited me after a gap of 4 years & we went to the City Center & on the way back I logged into Yahoo while my friend was driving.

Well, I thought, let me chat for the next few minutes to see how it goes and I asked about her & her family & shared my family information.She had to leave as she had to run errands as she was alone.I was using a basic mobile then & upgraded to an N91 version that used to be a craze on those days.I thought she was offended by my question and cursed myself for asking that.After a few minutes, she replied saying “Had”, “But not now”. Then, I inquired about it, she said she was in a relationship with a guy & due to family pressure he couldn’t marry her & they broke up.

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