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This means a teen would not only have to get over their fear of public nudity, they would also need to get over the ideology that nudism is for "old people".

4.) Nudist cultures lack teenagers Imagine walking into a bank with a 50-year-old cashier, a 60-year-old manager and staffs all over the age of 50.

Most nudist resorts get it wrong when they staff their facilities with older folk.

Nudist offers a friendly and completely confidential environment for nudists, thereby enabling them to get in touch with other like minded individuals without any fear.

Apart from this, we also provide all the resources that are required to lead a healthy naturist.

2.) Misinformation Most teens are told that being a nudist is a sexual orientation such as being a lesbian or a homosexual and because nudism is seen in this light instead of the light of being a body positive way of life, young adults are dissuaded from the idea.

3.) Fear Along with the fear that they do not have the "perfect body type" that some of their role models attain through tons of surgeries, young adults fear that they would be the only young ones in the midst of older nudists.

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