Not interested in dating anymore

When it comes to a matter of life, death, and protection, men are now needed.

Again, how they thought that allowing all the brown refugees in would result in a peaceful situation is beyond me.It’s why men always did fight and die for their women and children: it gave the best chance of their tribe’s survival.However, this is the first time that the feminist movement has ever been so blatant with their message: a woman’s life is infinitely more valuable than a man’s, and a man should not hesitate to give his for hers… To prove the of their logic, let’s imagine this scenario: If you are walking down the street one day, and a woman is being raped by a dozen refugees, the liberals would have you believe that trying to defend her is your duty as a man.Most men worldwide would not hesitate to jump to the front lines to defend children, women, and country.The sheer fact that I can ask this question and that many, if not most, Western men will stop to ponder it just shows how far Western culture has gone downhill since the inception of feminism and the culture wars.

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