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As an essential part of communication is non-verbal, communicative competence cannot consist solely of the correct use of verbal language.

Consequently, although only recently, non-verbal phenomena have become a focus of interest in various disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, and linguistics (cf. In the context of foreign language teaching, however, non-verbal phenomena have not been given sufficient attention (cf. Language classes have traditionally emphasised verbal communication.Non-verbal communication plays an important role in human social interaction.In this regard, Abercrombie (1968: 55) states what is generally taken for granted: “We speak with our vocal organs, but we converse with our entire bodies.” Every facial expression and every gesture contributes to the overall meaning of a statement.Even though non-verbal communication is an essential part of communicative situations, it still is a neglected issue in foreign language teaching.This is quite surprising as no language learner can achieve communicative competence without having some knowledge of non-verbal phenomena, which make communication authentic and serve numerous functions needed for communicative success.

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Moreover, there can be cultural differences in the use of one and the same sign.

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