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It might seem quite a jump from Garo the magazine to the Garo Hills, as arbitrary as, say, Tsurumi’s thought that the name sounded Spanish or Italian.But in the early 60s, India’s northeast was not so remote from Japanese imagination.A police team already went to Dhubri in Assam, where the kidnapper is suspected to have taken the victim.However, all those named in the FIR, barring Ruksana Begum, have fled their homes and are currently absconding.The land lady then handed over the girl to her eventual kidnapper, identified as Sahinur Mondal (40), who was waiting in an auto rickshaw.The girl was then allegedly taken by Mondal and his friends to Assam.

One might judge the South Asia segment Lonely Planet-like today.First of all, the general region would have been familiar to many as the westernmost reach of the Japanese military’s attempt to unify Asia under the Emperor.Defeat in the spring of 1944 in the Battles of Imphal and Kohima, on the eastern fringe of India, foretold the conclusive losses the Japanese would suffer in Burma and southern China.On the other hand the victim’s family, however, has expressed their unhappiness over the police not questioning the landlady on her role in the crime.“She was seen helping the kidnapper in the crime and will be aware of where she has been taken, but the police is yet to question her.

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