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After being repeatedly targeted by the Miami cartel for killing a member of their team, Raylan decides to visit the head of the cartel to talk things through.After asking that the price on his head be lifted, Raylan takes another, angrier approach to negotiating.

But like the old westerns the series is inspired by, someone always wants to challenge the fastest gunslinger.One of the most memorable villains Raylan goes up against is Robert Quarles, a Detroit gangster with a psychotic personality.Quarles has a gun hidden up his sleeve like in Taxi Driver and attempts to use it on Raylan in their final stand-off.remains one of the most thrilling and entertaining series in recent memory, and a lot of that is due to its iconic hero, Raylan Givens.Played to perfection by Timothy Olyphant, Raylan is a U. Marshal known for his quick draw with a gun and deadly accuracy.

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