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If you include step-sibs, you’d go to 134.” Still, he considers Foster “really my father.

He’s the man who slept in the master bedroom during our childhoods.

Someone said to me recently that you need to be very careful about the person you pick to spend the rest of your life with. One unintended product of his self-effacing charm—and his series of marriages—is that he stands quietly at the center of an additional, non-musical universe: reality TV.

It’s kind of weird that I’m hearing that now and thinking, In December, Foster was in the news when it came to light that he was considering an offer to direct the musical program for Donald Trump’s inauguration. A staggering number of people raised in his home have become reality-TV stars—famous for being famous, infantes and infantas of TMZ. As his daughter Sara Foster puts it, “He’s basically the Patient Zero of the Kardashian phenomenon.”Let’s start with the most recent household and work backward.

With 47 nominations to his name, that’s even a decent yield.

—step-siblings (in an episode titled “The Foster Sisters’ Sisters”).

She proudly notes that she had been working at Free People, a clothing store, before she got hired as a writer for an NBC sitcom, write, but she was very much integral to the creative process.”Sara adds, “If I were on a reality-TV show, no director would talk to me again.

Not if you’re seen throwing salad at your husband.”Extended-family events in the Foster clan can be populous.

(“It had a funicular train and secret rooms with codes you needed to enter them,” Brandon Jenner says.

“Larry Ellison owns it now.”)Although only six episodes were shot—and only the first two ever aired—it was through this experiment in the genre that the boys’ father’s third wife, Kris Jenner, got the idea to launch her own show about the lives of her six children.

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I just got tired of having a TV crew in our house every year on the anniversary of his death, and hearing my wife declare him the love of her life.”) In 2005, the Jenner boys had their own reality show on Fox, .

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