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And so they and she did, over and over and the result is one of the most depressing books I’ve read in decades. This book is subtitled “My Year Of Dating Dangerously” but Monica’s idea of “dating” seemed to consist of a series of vulgar texts (she would no doubt call these “uninhibited”) after which the young Romeo would turn up to her house, bed her and leave again.

I am no prude and I am absolutely all for women of a certain age having a bit of fun with younger men or older men or whoever they like as long as they don’t frighten the horses. On one occasion, she managed to fit in two lotharios in one evening. On another, her young charmer put his hands around her throat and called her “Mummy”.

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A couple of years ago, Monica Porter split up from her long-term partner.

As she was by then 60, she assumed that was that on the relationship front until the wild and wacky world of online dating raised its wicked head and Monica logged on. A whole generation of 20-something men all desperate, it seemed, to have a night of passion with someone old enough to be their grandmother.

Below, a conversation with Handler and her psychiatrist, Dan, about the state of her dating life — including why she's so drawn to older men, and why she sometimes pays the younger ones.“I like older men a lot, and I’ll tell you why it’s become a problem: because now I’m 43, and older men are getting really old, if you catch my drift. Not what I said, but the tone with which I said it and the age of that voice.

You know if you abuse an album and listen to it too many times, you’re going to get sick of it, but part of me always thinks “Because I usually upend their lives in some irreparable way — like I come in and out, and I don’t take them seriously, and just want to have fun — and then, when they get serious, I just want to do anything that will make them feel better, so I usually just give them money.”“Yeah, I know you probably think we do, but IAM.” I may have winked at Dan when I said this, but I hope I didn’t.

Welcome to our reviews of the dating memoir (also known as Meetup Singles Over 50).

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