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We're hangin' at the Gastown loft he shares with Casey and Benji, two fine mutts he rescued through the SPCA.

The home is zoned residential/commercial, so Good also works here; this is where he recorded the haunting cover of Daniel Johnston's "True Love Will Find You in the End" that closes his new CD, Hospital Music.

I woke up in the hospital and they said I took in excess of 45 [pills].

Given the nature of that, I had to willfully commit myself to the psychiatric ward."Good's first self-produced CD, Hospital Music was written during his recovery.

He did not find much success in the United States but has earned a loyal fan base in Canada.

Matthew regularly tours with other popular rock bands to perform as a part of sell-out rock concerts.

The reality is that a lot of people down here need help; they suffer from mental illnesses.

"You wonder why city council, before going on break, votes themselves a pay raise," he grumbles, "then defers the subsidized-housing issue to a later date.

Turns out Good, a hard-core Talk Talk fan, liberated the trophy from the CFOX basement after doing an interview there in the mid '90s.

(To be fair, the station's program director at the time said he could have it.)If Good had his own industry awards on display, they'd take up a fair amount of wall space.

The loft is basically one giant room, but it suits Good's purposes well, and Casey and Benj aren't complaining.

Against one wall sits the computer station from which Good regularly communicates, through extensive blogs, with his dedicated fan base.

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"It's my favourite Dead Kennedys song," he relates, "and lyrically I think it's one of Biafra's greatest."Matthew Good fans nationwide will soon be able to hear the artist's choice covers and newly minted originals, as he sets off on a 37-date tour from Victoria to the Maritimes and back.

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