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The Docker file will prepare the image such that you don’t need to install any plugins after Jenkins deployment—it’s all done when the Jenkins Docker image is created.

Create a file with deployment name, Docker custom Jenkins image, persistent volumes and other inputs, then deploy the application.

So I'm throwing out there a extended version of the mysqli_native database module that has a basic implementation.

If the DMX output is purely via Art-Net, connect both Art-Net outputs to a network switch and disable Art-Net output on the slave console (otherwise there will be a conflict) and if a live switch is needed, simply turn the Art-Net output of the Master off and turn the Art-Net of the Slave console on and you can continue to run the show from where the Master console left off.

From the above image we can access the Jenkins dashboard with node ip and port number generated by the service file (32683).

The moment the Jenkins dashboard is up, checking to make sure the Kubernetes plugin is installed.

Linked In, Sony, Dell and many other companies use Jenkins as a CI/CD tool and builds happen with substantial code bases that run 365 days in parallel.

Generally, you may not have as much code to build, but the slave that’s created during the build process is in an upstate even after the build is completed.

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This article will answer certain questions regarding the scaling process on Kuberenetes, including: The preferred way to install Jenkins on Kubernetes is to create a custom Docker image based on the Jenkins base image.

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