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try meetup; you can always make your own group for married bi guys. I completely agree with you in that marriage is between two people that are committed to each other, but having sex or even being in additional committed romantic relationships with other people does not lessen the commitment to each other.

I feel quite embarrassed posting this as I have never told anyone this before, not even my closest friends!But on the other hand I would love a girlfriend and would love to go 'all the way' with a girl too... My attitude to sex is pretty casual, I don;t cherish my virginity as this sacred thing like some people and I don't think I would regret losing it to a random guy (or woman for that matter). Pretty much have feelings like yours, don't ever think about any "relationship" stuff with other guys and have never really seen a guy and thought "bow chicka wow wow" but do have sexual feelings towards the same sex occasionally.Do I act on my gay tendencies and use Gaydar or another gay website like that? suppose the best thing to do is just do whatever you feel more strongly about, if being with a guy is a bit more appealing at the moment go and do that.I have no desire to be in a romantic relationship with another man and I wouldn't even say I 'fancy' guys, rather I want them purely for their body.I am a virgin and have fooled around with girls in the past and have been able to enjoy it, I am attracted to girls both physically and romantically and whenever I am out and about I only ever notice attract girls and don't give any men second glance.

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