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I went full out -- I put my sister in the shows, I did lighting, I made programs. So they had an idea of where all the madness was going [ before you finally did it? But I felt like I needed to shake me up a little and [I needed] something to challenge me.

So a few months before the audition happened, I was like, As soon as I realized I wanted to do that, I really started training and focusing on the audition process.

They bring something quirky and eclectic to every routine they do.buddytv: Dancing another D’Umo lyrical hip hop routine, Chelsie and Mark really stole my heart with their performance tonight.

They brought so much emotion to their dance and put so much attention to detail in every single step.

Btw, I’m officially ignoring the girl, after all we’re talking about my boyfriend here right, but will include her if mentioned by the others. His partner, Chelsie Hightower, is like a fair-skinned cherub, with a round face and laughing eyes.

After we’d been talking for a while, I said, “We need to go on a date.” We planned something for the following week, but we weren’t sure it would happen because of our work schedules—and then we ended up on the same job! I think that it’s not something I have to say or announce, necessarily. I am living a life that I want to be living right now, and I’m not hiding in any way. If you've seen Lady Gaga dance, you've probably seen Mark Kanemura dance.He's the one dancing alongside her -- usually in a skirt and something leather.

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I don’t go around announcing it to the world, but I don’t hide anything… Can anyone as cute and yummy as those Brokeback cowboys be straight?

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