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I mean, she really felt that your life was far more enriched by [arts] than a Barbie doll, or a television set, or air conditioning, or clothes that everybody else in your grade wore, or sneakers that were popular, or Popsicles. But I will say that when I was in the audience at the ballet or the theater, and occasionally at the philharmonic, I was engrossed and engaged ... On how ballet training helped her as an actor [It] allowed me to be physical in my work — and that's not something everybody wants to do, or can do, or thinks of integrating.

It’s been a pleasure meeting women that are not lying about their age and weight.

Especially because Steve Martin had written that part — and he was such a physical performer — I thought: Oh, well, I can be physical, because he might write imagining a physical performance as well. But those women, or the women that we eventually played, they were not women that I knew. They were sort of a different species to me, which was thrilling and completely intriguing. I never went to clubs growing up, I always felt intimidated by the atmosphere, by the rope, by a guard, by someone asking my name, and how many were in my party. GROSS: I think you don't have to be divorced to have experienced some of the problems in a relationship that, when they really get out of control, will lead to divorce.

All of it seemed forbidding and I never felt cool enough, so I didn't do any of that. GROSS: Sarah Jessica Parker, welcome back to FRESH AIR. But, you know, every relationship has its bumps (laughter).

On how the #Me Too movement made her reassess experiences she's had with men in her career It really wasn't, I would say, until about six or eight months ago that I started recognizing countless experiences of men behaving poorly, inappropriately, and all the ways that I had made it possible to keep coming to work or to remain on set, or to simply ... To be honest, I don't know why I either wasn't courageous or more destroyed by some of the things that I was privy to, that I was on the receiving end of. GROSS: Now let's skip ahead to Monday night's episode of "Divorce." At this point, Robert is engaged to his new girlfriend. And they don't know how to be strategic, that they're - you know, the counsel that they get from friends and attorneys can be not helpful, that they - that smart, decent people become villains and behave poorly. He always turned something inside out and upside down.

just push it down, push it away, find a little space for it and move on. On how she handled working with a big movie star who was behaving inappropriately I didn't feel entirely in a position — no matter what my role was on set — I didn't feel as powerful as the man who was behaving inappropriately, which ... She's pregnant, and Frances, who doesn't know about the pregnancy, has just come by to show Robert the latest co-parenting schedule for their kids. I think we wanted to explore how money affects divorce; when you don't have money, when you have debt, when there are children involved. He is a delight and a wonder and a mystery on set because you simply don't know what he's going to do. I think my parents might have - perhaps, they originally separated when I was maybe 18 months or even 2.

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strikes me as just stunning to say out loud, because there were plenty of occasions where it was happening and I was in a different position and I was as powerful. (SOUNDBITE OF TV SHOW, "DIVORCE") PARKER: (As Frances) What's going on, Robert? And those realities and the stories that tend to be smaller - we were excited about the real human side of that for both parties. And I said, let's let him turn us down before we sort of... GROSS: So speaking of divorce - so your parents divorced when you were 3 1/2. Because memory, I think, basically, starts at around 3 1/2, so you probably don't even remember when your parents were together. I'm sort of mystified by how little trauma I feel about it.

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