Man who bullies and is intimidating

Does a coworker talk over you at meetings, criticize you, or steal credit for your work?In addition to the above-described actions, you know you’re working with a bully when the bully picks out your mistakes and constantly brings them to your attention.Sometimes, there's hope for the kid to become a not-so-frightening adult.There are times, however, when the scary teen doesn't seem to be going through a phase, but coming into their own.

By making statements about his conduct, you’re putting him on notice.Yet, the scariest part of your teenage years is often your fellow adolescents.Classic teen flicks have captured every scary pubescent on the spectrum, from the basic bully to the budding sociopath.If you decide to press charges in the future, you need to have witnesses and dated documentation.Note whether the bully pulls the same behavior with your coworkers.

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The thing that unites all of these films' unsettling high schoolers is the power they have over their peers.

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