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Date night ideas and things to do during the day will also be discussed.We know the dating scene has changed a lot over the past decade, we have some tips on how you can adjust with the times.We simply don’t have the population size to support gender- or orientation-specific clubs.Plan B It’s a beautiful club with a hit-or-miss vibe.

Whether you need a date and new adventures, or you’re into something more permanent, this is the place to start your search. I’ve lived here since 2000, when I sort of randomly picked a school (Edgewood College) in the city because I wanted to live with two of my older friends who were already at the university and because I’d been living in Oklahoma for the past two years and walking through downtown Madison for the first time, with its coffee shops and feminist bookstore and alternative lifestyles on vivid display, was a bloody revelation. It’s a city of just 237,000, so narrow that down to the queer percentage and, well, some swapping/overlap is to be expected.And if you’re older, Madison is a great place to put down roots.There are carved wooden bears out front, in case you weren’t sure.They don’t hate on ladies who come in for drinks (unless you act like a jerk, I guess), but you will be very much in the minority here and might earn a side-eye or two.

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The crowd generally at CWQ skews toward younger queer women. The good news is that you and your alternative lifestyle are going to be perfectly welcome at almost any establishment in Madison (barring a few of the more heavily college bro-oriented places along University Ave.

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