Love rollercoaster dating with bipolar disorder

If you are a mental health practitioner and would like to develop advanced therapeutic skills do check out our comprehensive course on Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy that is based on the integration of Clinical Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and elements of Cognitive therapies.

Before choosing a therapist that you would like to work with, kindly do a background check on the skill set and the qualifications of the therapist.

Being a recurrent illness, long-term continuous preventive treatment is strongly recommended and almost always indicated.

A strategy that combines medication and psycho-therapeutic treatment is optimal for managing the disorder over time.

Traditionally, the are often an integral part of the treatment program so as to help the client and their close ones clearly understand the ‘know how’ of this condition.

Everyone experiences ‘mood swings’ once in a while.

But for some of us, these ‘swings’ go beyond acceptable or normal behavior and become a full-blown mood disorder.

For some people this cycling of mood may actually occur within the same week or even the same day.

From waking up feeling blue and wishing to die, they might resist going to bed for 3 days straight feeling extensively worked up!

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