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This spread covers eight years of devices (i OS 8 supports the 2011 i Phone 4S) and, with Tim Cook stating there are 1.4BN active i OS devices around the world, this is worrying news for the owners of pretty much all of them.

…But the real shocker is why the Contacts app vulnerability exists in the first place: it capitalises on a known bug which Apple has failed to fix for four years.

Attached to this e-mail please find a complete copy of the lyrics to "In the Loop of the Octoraro Bend".

I hope you will decide to update your posting so that the complete lyrics will appear on your web site (We did - the full lyrics are posted above).

Second, I hope you will include the fact that I wrote this along with Vance Hein.

Horseshoe is a very old camp, dating to 1928, and is very conscious of history and tradition.

The album has recently be re-released on CD, and sheet music for the tune is posted in Bob's online songbook at

It was Vance who came up with the idea of linking the distant Indian past with the scouts of today, it was I who wrote the words to bring that concept into reality. Very Truly Yours, Kevin Grewell Dear Scout Songs, I'm writing on behalf of my partner, Bob Zentz.

Several years ago, Bob was notified by a fellow musician than his tune, "Beaucatcher Farewell," had been used as the setting for a Boy Scout text, "In the Loop of the Octoraro Bend." The attached pdf file has the correspondence, including a copy of the letter by the lyricist that is posted on your site along with the lyrics.

TIF -- I've attached it here, along with a midi file, because in the correspondence the musician who wrote to Bob (who has also recorded the tune) indicated that the Scout troop that uses the song at the camp requested a midi. Bob is always happy when someone uses one of his tunes, and just asks that his music is credited with the copyright notice, and that he be contacted if the use becomes commercial.

If you would like to post a link to the sheet music for the convenience of your singers, that would be okay, too -- and ...

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Believe me, these two are scientists - not the least bit musical or poetic.

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