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This is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser.It lets you invite a friend or special someone to watch the same stream as you.This ensures you’re both seeing the same screen at the same time; you can disable them later.Webcams and video chat are great during long-distance movie nights because you can see your partner and your program at the same time.When you have a long distance movie night, you’re watching the same program as your LDR partner.

In some cases, if you’re both in different countries, the same streaming service is not available to the other person.The toys will respond to your movements and send the feedback to your partner. When you move your vibrator, the air pump in his sex toy will start pumping air, which mimics vaginal contractions.The speed of your movements dictate the level of contractions and vibrations he feels.A long distance relationship sees a myriad of emotions come and go, one of those is the feeling of missing your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend?A long distance relationship (LDR) is tough on both parties.

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Then, you both simultaneously watch the same TV show or movie together. Personally, I like to use a webcam and a video sharing service.

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