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We can help you select the right printer and ink, foil or ribbon for your substrate and production requirements – including meeting customer requirements for print format, location and style.

Date Codes: In Australia, the Food Standards Code states that packaged foods with a shelf life under two years must have a use by date on the primary packaging and a best before date in most other cases.

We offer a range of batch printers to meet varied applications and needs.Retailers also require date code information on secondary packaging to help improve stock turnaround and avoid food wastage.Batch Codes: As marks of identification, batch codes are used to help product traceability.K1010 will print a permanent icon to products and follow the product life. High performance optical, powerful hardware, advanced software, and the lowest cost make its core laser technology to meet the most green line speed and requirement.This icon is high quality, not like ink marker can be rubbed, and it can print high quality mark on the label, carton, plastic products, glass, wood, textiles and other things. It used the advanced VORTEX cooler, double channel ventilation refrigeration cooling design, to prevent the entry of dust.

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This can be supplemented by vision inspection to check code presence and formation.

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