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She has been in six celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. Given Name: Keri Lynn Hilson Age: 36 (12/5/1982)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: In a Perfect World..., album "[She] does not keep Hermes' bottom clean.

[I have to take Hermes] as fast as possible [in the morning] so she could keep sleeping.

The two, having differences in their origins and backgrounds came together a couple of times in some social events and got to know each other better. After dating for a few years, in 2002, Keri asked Samuel to be her husband and the duo wedded in a lavish wedding ceremony.

The singer says she thought she had found someone who was an “exception” but was disappointed to find out he wasn’t the one…

Keri Hislon is an American singer, songwriter actress and model and she was born on the date of 5 December 1982.

Hilsons music Genere and style is normally hip hop and pop and it also included around womanhood and sexual intimacy at all.

Hilson signed with an American rappers and produce timberland recede label.

his debut studio album was released in the year of 2009.

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The fans of her want to know about Keri Hilson Dating History and Keri Hilson Relationship List Boyfriend that is why we came along with both the things so that you can get to know about her relationships.

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