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When I can’t see the best in me, they see it and they remind me of it.

You appreciate them when they’re there and you appreciate them when they’re gone.

My higher power speaks to me every day– at all times of the day, and night.

They just knew what they wanted to sound like, what the music wanted to make them feel like, what they knew they wanted to express, what message they wanted to send to their fans and their audience.

Girl groups are just such a great part of history and they showcase camaraderie among women and females.” And she was like, “Oh, Tim, we grew up when we were kids.” So I asked her why she wasn’t dating him because I just thought he was so cute.There were questions that I presented to myself and I had to give myself answers.Just seeing them be strong reminds me of why I chose them.I had one of the best performances of my life at the BET Awards and I remember working so hard in rehearsal and downloading all of the movements.

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It’s what we love so much about David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson– they weren’t afraid to be themselves.

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