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He's a good guy." Walsh, who stepped out with Young at an April 28 fund-raiser for Barack Obama in Los Angeles, has become pretty hot herself.The storyline is the basis for a possible spinoff starring Walsh, Taye Diggs and Tim Daly. Another little bit of Jake gossip, when Heath found out Jake was gay, he thought nothing of it and spoke freely about it to people, news got back to Jake who, all teary, confronted Heath accusing him of laughing about him behind his back. To prove that wasn't the case Heath asked Jake to be his daughter's Godfather, which he got really excited about, for about five minutes."#2, you mean Dave Annabel from "Brothers and Sisters"? He is another one who dated Jesse Metcalfe's ex - the lesbian from Girls Aloud, and the producers of the show are always putting out rumours he is dating which ever co-star he at the time is romancing. And Walsh, who was most recently romantically linked to magazine she's a late-bloomer in love, but is finally ready for a serious relationship. Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable and actress Odette Yustman got married Sunday, fittingly in Ojai, just north of L. At the outdoor wedding, Yustman, who will guest star on B&S this season, wore 10 carat diamond earrings and 30-carat diamond / platinum barrettes.This show is a shit opera and should be considered as such. It's a soap with a big budget given all the names on it.Here's a tidbit that will warm the hearts of B&S fans everywhere.

But it all comes down to writing, and our show has really, really great writing as well as wonderful actors. Some funny stuff goes down at dinner, which was really fun to shoot.

I heard at a picket line where cast members from lots of shows came out to support the writers that the actors playing the siblings all surrounded 'mom' Sally Field as they paced on the picket line, forming, in effect, a human shield around her.(Just in case she had skipped a Boniva pill and was afraid of getting crushed.)I love how all of the characters banter, think, talk, and act EXACTLY the same as one another yet are fond of saying things like 'Oh, you know Kitty' and 'Justin has always been like that' to suggest that they have distinct personalities to which the audience is never privy. He was on an Irish tv show last night with Matthew and they talked about how on the show Dave plays straight while Matthew plays gay but in real life it's the other way round.

Wait, I thought Matthew was the openly gay one, and if so, then this comment if actually said, is obviously a joke on the interviewer.r29, they do indeed joke about David being the gay one, but it was Rhys who said it--they were joking about one upmanship on each other when they are out and women approach them -- Rhys definitely proclaims himself as straight Yeah, but he never corrected it, he kinda just left it out there, normally an actor wouldn't leave something like that hanging, he'd eventually reel it One of his rumoured gf was Jesse Metcalfe's ex, and of course whoever he is a hot storyline with on B&S."Someone please shoot the "It's the Sally Field Show" troll and hang his carcass out to dry with the "Julianne Moore, Seriously" troll, stat."I don't mind Julianne Moore, seriously.

went to Dave Annable, who plays Justin, the addiction-kicking, Afghanistan-bound baby of the Walker clan, for a preview of what's ahead.

Plus, the scoop on how Fox's tragically truncated its last rites before it even premiered. What happened was that in the original pilot, the dad died at the end of the second commercial break.

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They also put out the "not so veiled" blind item he was screwing Sally Field, purely to generate hype and encourage internet gossip."[link link[/link]That's cool r39. Hey where's that deranged woman that jumps in and starts screaming everyone is a fat tinhat piggy for suggesting Jake is gay?

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