Kate beckinsale and scott speedman dating

Although, like the first movie, little is done with the actual fact that Selene is a vampire.

No human is ever bitten, although several vampires bite each other both willingly and unwillingly.

Beckinsale reprises her role as Selene, the vampire Death Dealer who killed her maker at the end of the last film.

She also does an almost nude scene with Michael that seems to be there only for the purpose of proving to the audience that everything in the black suit she wears is really all her.

Speedman as Michael is again left with the thankless role of playing second fiddle to Selene.

Based on Jane Austen’s novel, ‘Lady Susan’, Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship follows the recently widowed Lady Susan Vernon (Beckinsale) on her entertaining and dramatic path to finding a new husband for herself, and for her daughter Federica (Morfydd Clark).

Needing an ear to complain to, Lady Susan grows close to Alicia Johnson (Chloë Sevigny), an American who has grown fond of British life.

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