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This is what the American people want, and the reason that congress is not acting is very simple and straight forward: We have a Republican Party that is intimidated by the NRA. [email protected] Sanders Campaign Demands @Washington Post Retract ' Fact Check' of Medical Bankruptcies Remarks…I will not be intimidated" @Bernie Sanders NKDDBG The idea of medical debt is obscene. The campaign's letter also requests that the newspaper commit "to covering @Sen Sanders in a fair, professional, and ethical manner." Ya Don’t kid ur self editors ( not so much the journalists) know exactly what they are doing.It ruins credit, drives half a million to bankruptcy each year, and lets debt collectors hound families for years. RT @Aussie Punter32: Wow, if claims in this letter are true /a terrible example of misleading journalism -was done deliberately to create a false impression…"Ady’s ability to combine strategic organizing with tactical action is extraordinary.He has exemplified social justice work on a national level, showing a path beyond retrenchment that connects a vision of transformative justice with grassroots activism."…Authoritarians are attracted to one another, so of course Donald Trump is cheering on Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament. That's disgusting enough." John Cusack The most famous member of the Cusack family, John Cusack first gained attention while playing romantic sweetie Lloyd Dahbler in Say Anything (1989) and portraying semi-failing record storeowner Rob Gordon in High Fidelity (2000).A member of the "brat pack,” Cusack could be seen starring in such films as The Grifters (1990), Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), Con Air (1997), Being John Malkovich (1999), Max (2002), Identity (2003) and Runaway Jury (2003).

Billionaires and large corporations oppose us because they know they can't buy us. Our campaign has received 2.5 million contributions from people around the country. "We hope that @washingtonpost will address the Fact Checker’s inappropriate coverage of Senator Sanders - first by immediately retracting this most recent piece, and then by committing the newspaper to covering Senator Sanders in a fair, professional and ethical manner." Read ⬇️ M9gl S In yet another display of their contempt for Palestinian rights, the Trump State Department removes “Palestinian Territories” from its website.

1st they stopped using “occupied” to refer to the territories, now this.

That is what a movement to defeat Trump and transform America looks like.

"We must end the sale and distribution of assault weapons.

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In that movie, he was unrecognizable with long hair, beard and bespectacled. He was named as “Stoner of the year” by high time magazine in .

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