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The next point of contention is that of the beginning of the sojourn. Anderson's[3] view that it is improbable that a Hyksos King would have given the daughter of the priest of On to Joseph as his wife (Gen.The late date argument allows the descent into Egypt to occur when the Hyksos ruled. Anderson[2] says that it is certain that it must be after or during the Hyksos period as a reference to a chariot in Gen. The Early date would give a date 1876 for the Sojourn under Pharaoh Senusert III who has no special reasons for supporting the Hebrews. ) as the Hyksos despised the sun-God Ra whose temple was at On.[4] Whatever the case the Hyksos period would have been a favourable time for the Hebrew entry.And there were at least 2 pharaohs involved as one died whilst Moses was in Midian.Gen. tells us that the enslavement would last 400 years. Anderson[5] points out that the length of the Sojourn in Gen. is 400 years, but Exod.f.I studied at Sheffield University in the 1970s, doing my degree and postgraduate research in the Department of Biblical Studies.

My doctoral research was on the historicity and setting of the Exodus and Conquest, a contentious topic on which I continue to research and write. van der Veen (eds.), Selected by our students, our Student Exec advocates for, builds, and continually improves both the student experience and community life at college.

The late date option is Amosis (1580-1558) who overthrew the Hyksos which probably induced a backlash against the related Hebrews.

This gives an oppression of 134 years for the early date and 310 years for the late date. Thutmose II is another contender for the late Exodus band. The next issue that we have to decide is the identity of the Pharaoh who died whilst Moses was in Midian.

I’ve taken part in excavations in Israel and find archaeology an exciting source of fresh insights as well as great fun.

I’m passionate about the Old Testament’s continuing importance and relevance to the church.

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