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performed "(I Do) Like We Do" Donald Trump Quote; Jimmy does "Gangnam Style" dance (appearance by Daniel Radcliffe); Christian Mc Bride sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Fourth Republican Debate; Water War (Daniel Radcliffe); Ellie Goulding performed "On My Mind" Billy Crystal subs in for Jimmy's monologue joke; Jimmy thanks service men and women; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (appearance by Henrik Lundqvist, Two Really Fun Men performed "Thanksgiving's Coming Up", appearance by The Undertaker); James Mc Avoy gives Jimmy a ride on his shoulders; Different hairstyles on James Mc Avoy John Pizzarelli sits in with The Roots; Jimmy acknowledges the November 2015 Paris attacks; Tonight Show In Reply To; Tonight Show Lip Flip (Cate Blanchett); Jimmy gives Anthony Mackie a sweatshirt; Anthony Mackie performed "Caribbean Queen"; Tinashe performed "Player" Jimmy announces his cover story in Esquire; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Obama Joining Facebook; Tonight Show 500 (Jeff Gordon & Jimmy Fallon, Martin Truex, Jr. Kyle Busch & Tariq, Kevin Harvick & Justin Bieber); Justin Bieber performed "Sorry" Bobby Jindal Interview (Aziz Ansari); David Beckham Statement; Tonight Show #hashtags: #My Family Is Weird; Justin Bieber and Jimmy's secret handshake (appearance by Justin Bieber); Tonight Show Kid Letters; R.Kelly performed a medley of songs Bernie Sanders Rapper Names; Thanksgiving Dinner Guests List; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Thanksgiving; Jimmy Fallon, Adele & The Roots sing "Hello" with classroom instruments; Jennifer Nettles performed "Unlove You" Clintons' Speaking Engagements; Tonight Show Superlatives; Jimmy promotes State Farm Insurance Discount Double Check; Jimmy gives Nathan Lane a blanket; Tonight Show Kid Dictionary (Nathan Lane); Chris Brown performed "Zero" More Accurate Instagram Captions; Kool Keith sits in with The Roots; Bird Flu (appearance by Larry Bird); Thank You Notes; Rashida Jones and Jimmy sing holiday versions of songs (appearance by Queen Latifah, Eric Nally) Marco Rubio Comedy Special Advertisement; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Holiday Season in NYC; The Yahoo! The Fresh Host of Tonight cold open (appearances by Alfonso Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff); Lesser-Known LA Attractions; Brian Williams raps "Who Am I (What's My Name)? Simmons and Jimmy sing with low voices; Ghostface Killah with The Revelations featuring Kandace Springs performed "Love Don't Live Here No More" Mitch Mc Connell Quotes; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (including Roy Bongo and Black Simon & Garfunkel); Gwyneth Paltrow sings Broadway versions of hip-hop songs; Panda Bear performed "Boys Latin" Cuba Tourism Slogans; Tonight Show Superlatives; Thank You Notes; Jimmy gives Brian Williams a present; Jimmy, Victoria Justice, and Steve Higgins do a shot-ski; Joshua Topolsky shows Jimmy tech items Hard GED Questions; Questlove's birthday; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Obama's State of the Union Address; Jimmy promotes Master Card Priceless Surprises; Inflatable Flip Cup (Keri Russell); Fall Out Boy performed "Centuries" Tonight Show The Scooter Pole; Tonight Show Superlatives; Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and various musical acts performed "We Are the Champions"; Steve Higgins sends out to first commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger; Lip Sync Battle (Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, appearance by Drew Barrymore); The New England Patriots improve Will Ferrell's sweatshirt; Ariana Grande performed "One Last Time"; Note: This episode counted as a special and not a regular episode. Colin Firth & Jack Mc Brayer); The Weeknd performed "Earned It" Jimmy wishes everyone Happy Holidays; Yelp Lowest-Rated Restaurants; Jimmy gives away two tickets to Paul Mc Cartney concert; Thank You Notes; Face Breakers (Norman Reedus); Jessie J performed "Masterpiece" Snowstorm Reactions; "Love Is Like a Basketball" song; Jimmy reminisces about the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special and after party; Edward Norton comes out early; Tonight Show Do Not Play; Chris Brown and Tyga performed "Ayo" Republican Quotes; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Watching the Academy Awards; Jimmy debuts Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ice cream (appearance by Ben & Jerry); Taylor Swift and Jimmy do sketches of each other; NYC Fan Dance Cam; Imagine Dragons performed "Shots" Tonight Show Who You Textin'? " Hillary Rodham Clinton Tweets; debut of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover (appearance by Hannah Davis); Saved by the Bell segment (appearance by Saved by the Bell cast); exclusive trailer for Furious 7; Carl Reiner gives Jimmy a space pen; Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson performed "Trouble" Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot; Tonight Show I've Got Good News and Good News; school mascots have dance-off with Hashtag the Panda; Jimmy jumps through the Randy's Donuts sign; Albert Brooks makes a surprise appearance; Thank You Notes; Will Smith and Jimmy performed an original song; Rosamund Pike brings Jimmy a present; Jack White performed "That Black Bat Licorice" 2 Chainz Campaign Slogans; Fish Quotes; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Seeing the Movie Fifty Shades of Grey; Jimmy gives Dakota Johnson a trophy; Anything Can Be Sexy; Mark Ronson featuring Mystikal performed "Feel Right" Jeb Bush E-mails; Presidential Lie Detector; Chris Christie Quotes; Tonight Show Superlatives (appearance by various sports players); Tonight Show #hashtags: #Why Im Single; Catchphrase (Jimmy Fallon & Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog Vs.

; Secret Service Agent Quote; Hashtag the Panda delivers pizza; Jeopardy!Answers Lounge Singers (Seth Mac Farlane); Harrison Ford and Jimmy have a drink; Jimmy shows Harrison Ford a spit take; Jo Jo performed "When Love Hurts" Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Thank You Notes (appearance by Sting); Eva Longoria and Jimmy do a telenovela moment; Tonight Show Fast Family Feud (Eva Longoria); Sting & Mylène Farmer performed "Stolen Car" Republican Quotes; Jimmy explains his current situation with his injury; Jimmy congratulates Questlove and Tariq on their Grammy Award nomination; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Pictionary (Jimmy Fallon & Claire Danes Vs.Steve Higgins & Ron Howard); Logic performed "Fade Away" Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Elf on the Shelf; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show Whisper Challenge (Senator Bernie Sanders); John Cena recalls his childhood (appearance by Troye Sivan); Troye Sivan performed "Youth" Republican Candidates' Favorite Foods; Donald Trump Medical Results; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Thank You Notes; Catchphrase (Jimmy Fallon & Kirsten Dunst Vs.Bubba Watson, January Jones throws pies); Jimmy brings Bubba Watson burritos; Brandon Flowers performed "Can't Deny My Love" Fictional characters people like more than politicians; Coloring Book for Adults; Tonight Show Screengrabs; Mitt Romney talks to himself in dressing room mirror; Mitt Romney and Jimmy bet on wrestling match; G-Unit performed "I'm Grown" Tonight Show Just the Facts; Jimmy announces his Madam Tussauds wax figure; Jimmy performed "Barbara Ann" with five wax figures; Tonight Show #hashtags: #How IQuit; Jimmy gives Carey Mulligan a Hooters shirt and fleece cap; Ludacris performed "Grass Is Always Greener" Buzz Feed News Stories; Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyle raps Jimmy's outgoing message; Tonight Show Popular Mathematics; exclusive first look at the film Spy; Jimmy gives Helen Mirren crocks; Helen Mirren and Jimmy suck helium balloons; Wale performed "Girls on Drugs" Hillary Rodham Clinton Headlines; Scott Walker Campaign Ad; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Where My Peeps At?, Tariq does Game of Thrones rap); Afro & Deziak (Pharrell Williams); Jimmy tries on a beard; Milky Chance performed "Flashed Junk Mind" Bob Menendez Quotes; Hootie & the Blowfish Quotes; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Best Prank Ever; The Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2 with First Lady Michelle Obama; The Smashing Pumpkins performed "Drum Fife" Fans of Full House Quotes; Tonight Show Local News Roulette; Boz Scaggs sits in with The Roots; Thank You Notes; Tonight Show Funny Face Off (Ricky Gervais, Jordana Brewster); Jordana Brewster brings Jimmy giant chocolate eggs; Elle King performed "Ex's and Oh's" Jimmy offers congrats and condolences to Wisconsin Badgers and Duke Blue Devils; Tonight Show Picture This; Charades (Jimmy Fallon & Kat Dennings Vs. Vincent performed "Teenage Talk" Tonight Show What's the Beef?

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featuring Raphael Saadiq performed "Soul Food" Erotic novels by athletes; Hashtag the Panda rolls down the stairs; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Awkward Date; Pictionary (Jimmy Fallon & J. Kevin Bacon & Don Cheadle); Amy Sedaris returns item she stole from dressing room; Nick Jonas performed "Chains" Questlove and Tariq re-enact a scene from The Bachelor; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Deep Freeze; Gabrielle Union and Josh Duhamel sing various songs; Random Object Shootout (Gabrielle Union); Charlie Wilson performed "Touched by an Angel" Homeland Security Shutdown; Mark Kelley is a cool babysitter; Tonight Show Celebrity Whispers...; Sound-off (Ice-T); Ice-T does voice-overs; Sound-off (Andrew Rannells); Andrew Rannells and Jimmy performed "True"; Lupe Fiasco performed "Little Death" Tariq and Jimmy's Inner Thoughts; Couples' Quotes; Weekly Snapshot; Thank You Notes; Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy performed "Boot Scootin' Boogie"; Bubble Hockey (Josh Hutcherson); Abbi Jacobson does impression of SNL character; Tonight Show Truth or Truth (Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer) Tourism Slogans; Tim Cook Fun Time; Jimmy announces Hashtag the Panda stuffed animal, and Hashtag gives audience stuffed animals; Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy performed a medley of songs; Egg Russian Roulette (Ryan Reynolds); Kelly Clarkson performed "Heartbeat Song" Sylvester Stallone Phone Call; Kamal Gray advertises social faux pas; Jimmy advertises writers' book; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Watching Empire; Tonight Show Kids Letters; Jimmy reads Oscar cue cards; Gza with Tom Morello performed "The Mexican" Rabbit Quotes; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (appearance by Elwood Edwards, saying phrases; Two Really Fun Men help audience member have fun; Robin Braun administers oath to United States Navy Reserve, and makes Jimmy an honorary member of the Reserve); Danny De Vito and Jimmy eat cookies; Danny De Vito and Jimmy shoot troll foot video; Giant Beer Pong (Zoë Kravitz) People Articles; Scott Seymour; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Spring Break Raps; Hugh Jackman and Jimmy try on mullets; Musical Beers (Jimmy Fallon, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Mc Kinnon, Colin Jost, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman); Tiffani Thiessen brings Jimmy chocolate peanut butter bites; Hozier performed "Work Song" Wrestling Match Nicknames; Jimmy sorts out Dancing with the Stars confusion; Jimmy shows video of his daughter; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Celebrating St.

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