Is anyone consolidating private student loans

In full transparency, yes, I would benefit from you doing this, but you would receive an equal benefit, and it's an awesome perk you should take advantage of if you don't know anyone else with Earnest.

I personally do not know anyone who uses Earnest so I had no one to get referred to.

Moreover, I want you to realize the application process should not really be a big factor for you. It should be about the math, and in the end Earnest was the better rate/But the cherry on the cake was the two perks.

Speaking to a Earnest representative I was able to receive two awesome incentives which you could easily get too.

The question then becomes, which lender to choose from. I highly advice you to do your own research, but even simply Googling for an hour will yield good information.

From my own research, I concluded most of the big companies are virtually the same but that the best rates are usually offered by So Fi, Earnest, or Common Bond. Of them, I quickly dropped out of Common Bond because something about their application process didn't seem as user-friendly.

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