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They’re not Open, and don’t like to expose it’s sex life, and doesn’t like people interfering, and trying to dominate a relationship because they’re already dominating, and controlling. they’ll be mushy, and full of emotionalism and loving, and nurturing, and territorial. Low self esteem Scorpio are “ Violent” and mighty.. It’s the Goddess of “ war”, and are full of hate/ anger when rejected. mixed with it’s way dealing with love, and also mix that with the heart.

When a relationship has failed, I suggest don’t bother coming back.. He wanted to have sex with me, and I didn’t sleep with him because I’m loyal to my friend, and she was seeing him.

That idea is, of course, ludicrous, given how difficult and intimidating it is for a woman to come forward, the legal fees she’ll face if she brings the firm to court and the slim chances she’ll have of winning.

But during the call, someone claiming to be a VC emailed the show to say he would not hire a woman “out of fear that we will get sued.” We don’t how KQED obtained this email or what their methods are for verification of letters sent to the show.

These people are resentful, and don’t really communicate. It doesn’t last long, and some people with low self esteem..

I have a Scorpio Mars, and those people are dangerous when it comes to love, and probably shouldn’t mess with it’s heart/ mind. it will have a different reaction, and a different way of handling things. They usually date people that got to know, and are within it’s circle to feel secured, and safe.

I remember her ex kissed me, and I didn’t do anything.. She hooked me up with 2 of my ex boyfriends in the past, and they approached me but failed because of the control, and chasing me. because she gives good eye contact, and can talk to anyone.

They’re the jealous type if they have low self esteem, and are selfish looking, when threaten. but she’s highly manipulative, and can make you feel bad, and feel worthless. against me, and made me feel like I was a slut, and a backstabbing friend. if I liked a guy I would run, and tell her about it.

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