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You do get looks if you’re part of an interracial relationship.” It was not necessarily vicious, pointed distain that was thrown at Law, who dated a white boyfriend in Belfast for two years.

It was more like a constant background noise that the relationship was something different or other – even coming from those with seemingly no prejudice in their hearts.

But when you get into a relationship, it’s like a big no-no,” he says.

“If looks could kill,” Otukoya says, “I’d probably be dead at this stage.” Not everyone uncomfortable with a romance between a black man and white woman was as tactile.But his experiences have soured him on the idea of ever entering an interracial relationship again.“I wouldn’t dare put another girl through that again,” he says.Interracial relationships are becoming more common, but are still relatively rare.Speaking to the couples themselves reveals that such unions face distinct challenges.

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Reaction to interracial coupling is not one-size-fits-all, either.

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