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To this day, I can recall every detail one man shared about his “divorce,” and the three years that had passed since that “painful” time.I remember, too, his unfurnished apartment, lacking plates and glassware. It was my first lesson in the pathology of a serial liar—one I would never have to learn again.She learned that lesson the hard way, when she met a promising contender at an Upper West Side patisserie for a date.“This woman’s profile photos must have been 30 years old,” says Greenfield, a Hudson Heights jewelry designer and wellness consultant.“I realized I wanted to be with someone who is equally established in life,” Michael says.Sassoon says struggles like Michael’s are especially common among clients of a certain age: They “feel like a kid in a candy store,” she says.

However, “once everyone calms down from all the screwing around, they say to themselves, ‘You know what?“It’s almost like going through adolescence again,” Midtown psychologist Chloe Carmichael, a relationship expert, tells The Post.“You’re suddenly entering a world of dating where you’re not confident about the norms and you’re at a new stage in life.” For 68-year-old Carol Greenfield, divorced and dating again after a 39-year marriage, the absolute worst thing about online dating is how it allows people to misrepresent themselves.They can change their age, height, weight, hairline, marital status, income, job history, and , where they went to school and live, what they like to do and are capable of doing, and whether they have children, dogs, or cats.They lie with their words and they lie with old or even fake photographs.

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The county social services worker, who divorced in 2018 after a 29-year marriage, had been set up with a friend of a friend, and was shocked by how grabby he was.

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