Htc evo friend stream not updating

Want to send contact information -- yours or someone else's -- in a text message? The widget and search bar will now search "all," "web" or "apps." Isn't that kind of cheating?

And, of course, the full version of Adobe Flash 10.1.

And screwed up my evo so bad that I was on tech support with Sprint over 6 hours and finally had to wipe out everything and start over. I also strongly recommend not changing settings around if you don't know what you are doing.

If you haven't already, check out our monstrous Froyo Features series, where we broke down some of the major improvements in the latest version of Android. Here's Sprint's official list: Let's take another look at some of these features, shall we? There's a pretty good flashlight app included in the Android 2.2 update for the Evo 4G.

@ Xiia Live Team - Appreciate you looking into this.

If you look into Xiia Live we like to display as much information as we can get from the stream and streaming session. :)So in summary the amount of sweat put into getting streaming to work "flawlessly" in Android has been a ride that has been hard and is still is hard...

I conveyed this app to HTC and they said they will look into the differences.

I prefer your interface to the others and you have been nothing but responsive to this this HTC issue is resolved I plan on buying your payed version.

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