How to just be friends after dating

Download this guide to getting back with an ex and you'll get videos ranging from early techniques to regain your ex's attention to Michael's unique "Facebook Jiu-Jitsu" approach, in which you can use Facebook or My Space to easily make your ex feel the original sparks of your past, early relationship.If reading about getting your ex back from an unwanted breakup just isn't cutting it, the M3 System is tailor-made for you.This happens more often than you think, because to the girl, having sex with an ex boyfriend isn't all that bad a move.After all you've done it dozens of times already, and many women think it will help "sway" their ex's decision to reverse the break up and take them back.You'll find it backfires so fast your head might spin right off.

Hell, in some cases the ex boyfriend even gets to continue sleeping with the girl "friend" - especially when she's dying to get him back.As your friend, he gets to call you up and ask how things are.He's privy to any new information about your current lovelife.Do this and your ex boyfriend will quickly begin worrying about losing you - as both a friend AND a potential girlfriend.You're forcing him to make a choice - one that he'd rather not make right now, because he's sitting in a comfortable position of power.

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