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Of course, the grimness of a show like is important and necessary, but sometimes it’s too much, especially all at once.

Television tends to respond to politics, so it makes sense why so many series lately feel both dour and dire—which isn’t a bad thing!

Kai and Jenna, the most explosive couple, literally alternate between screaming at each other and furiously making out. (Yet the strangest thing about The draw of these series is this inherent ridiculousness, the idiocy of the basic premises, the enduring garbage antics.

At one point, while basically dry-humping in the middle of the floor, they yell “You’re toxic! The appeal is that they are impossible to take seriously, even when the contestants themselves are grave.

But what works so well about this currently airing season is that all of the contestants are “sexually fluid” and allowed to hook up with anyone, instead of relying on the boring hetero couple formula that every other show employs.

Anything that would make me temporarily more invested in horrible couples I’ll never meet than in our daily realities.

There is no discernible reason why the ball pit is necessary nor is there a way to look sultry while flailing around in one. , a compulsively watchable reality dating series, originated in the U. and, thanks to Hulu, has found a legion of dedicated American fans. The actual conceit of the show is this: a group of “sexy singles” temporarily live in a beautiful villa and pair off into couples while attempting to find true love and/or a cash reward by the end.

It was only a matter of time before the series crossed the pond: last Tuesday, CBS premiered the U. Frequently, new “islanders” are brought in, couples break up, new ones form, people are voted out.

Even this simplistic description is too complex for : the highlight is watching them all interact with each other via painfully awkward flirting, immediate possessiveness and jealousy, and fumbling sex while sharing a room with about eight other people.

It can be gleefully cruel but it’s so much fun to watch because you don’t have to think about anything except for the stupidity of the contestants.

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Take ’s premiere, where a man unironically explains that he came on the show because he’s trying to “find someone in an organic way.” There is nothing surprising about any of this: you can barely make it through an episode without someone talking about how they have “trust issues” because they were cheated on so they “built up walls” and it takes a long time for them to “let someone in.” (The “long time” is usually one to two weeks.) If you want to get wasted, take a drink whenever someone talks about putting their eggs all in one basket.

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