Heechul and sohee dating

With the help of eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow, Sohee completed her transformation by using eye makeup to change her eyes to slant into a feline look.

The winged tip eyeliner draws her eyes out, while the bright, colorful eye shadow emphasizes the feline shape of her eyes.

In the first half of the broadcast, Kim Heechul introduced himself as an “integrated artist”* to Kim Ja-ok and Kim Soomi, and said that “I have always thought that Kim Ja-ok was a singer.

You voted for MTV K’s top 10 cross-dressing idols and the tallies are in. Was it his milky skin, his perfect Lady Gaga impersonation or all those photoshopped pictures of him in dresses saturating Google Images? The very fact that there were more than 10 choices (I had to whittle down from a list of about 25) for the top 10 cross-dressing idols is a little frightening.

Yet, nothing gives a male idol more popularity than some mascara, a wig and a tight dress.

This is also true during games during shows, when male and female stars are put in one team.

But, even during these fierce moments, manner-hand is still there.

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She also matches the colors of her eyeliner with the color of her fall fashion shirts.

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