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Your fellow date may not know, true, but you’re already connecting with people through technology, so it’s good to keep some (semi) natural elements to it. Admit it, half the fun of Tinder is parsing that infinite list of men and women.

Even if you’re investing in the apparent perks of gold and plus, they’re not going to count for anything if your personal profile isn’t a winner.

If it’s the start of the conversation, however, feel free to say something funny and observant about their pictures: do you recognise the bar they’re in? There are none of these creative commons chat-up lines that actually works. They all make you sound like a child, or a smug prick, and sometimes both. Otherwise people will either want to match with you to meet friend X, or they’ll get bored of playing Guess Who? The amount of photos you upload is also pretty important.Tinder now gives you the option to upload up to nine photos – amazing, right? I have five on my profile and I wouldn’t dare add another. Within reason, though – having only one or two can seem a bit shady, so four or five is a good amount without looking like a narcissist.There’s this idea that most women are dreaming of a man who towers above 6ft, but personally, I don’t think of height as a significant factor.If you seem interesting (which is shown through the bio, which we’ll come on to shortly), there’s a lot greater chance that I’ll be asking about your hobbies than your height.

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As a woman who listens to a lot of music I’m immediately attracted to profiles that reference top artists and anthems more than those that don’t. Sure they could go with the standard ‘hey’, but nobody wants to give or receive that: you need a topic to leap off from. Alternatively: Check their profile for things to work with first of all.

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