Gay speed dating twin cities

Try to hide your excitement as you realize all of the queer opportunities this beautiful city provides.From the homeland of Paul Bunyan comes gayborhoods, queer dance parties, and burlesque shows, OH MY!Minneapolis has lots of “gay” bars, but you have to be kind of specific if you want to find the ladies.

Alas, like most queer scenes, you can get a case of “it’s a small world” real quick.It’s nestled in the Loring Park neighborhood (see below for gayborhoods) and is one of the oldest gay bars in town.It’s definitely more of a dive, it’s dimly lit from the ceiling, but I honestly think most of the light comes from the jukebox (packed full of Madonna and Prince).We even have our very own all women’s school, probably can’t go wrong there. ” Minneapolis has a hidden gem called the Minnesota Machine. It would be a great way to meet new people and play a sport that isn’t available in many other places.They’re always looking for new players and no experience is necessary.

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