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If you’re out with a girl, even just a friend or colleague, the way she presents herself to you, however superficial it may seem, is one indicator that she’s into you and wants you to notice.She’ll excuse herself to the ladies’ room and come back looking fresher than ever, makeup all retouched, smelling great, and maybe even one less button done to show off her best assets. Another surefire way a woman can show that she wants you to notice her is the good ole damsel in distress move.This is also one of those times when she’ll put her best foot forward with witty retorts and lively banter.[Read: How to keep a conversation going with the opposite sex] #10 Laugh out loud.From asking you for directions to needing help carrying something, this is one way she can try to show you that she wants you to let out your inner knight to save her.

This is one way of flirting, even if she may not be aware of it herself. A woman who likes you and is flirting with you will keep a conversation going as long as it takes, and will be interested in what you have to say.

From your hairstyle to your tailored suits and down to the socks she just had a quick peek of, she’ll be gushing about every detail she can find.

[Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush] #13 Qs and As.

Even a small and light touch on your arm while she listens intently to you is a huge sign.

She might even graze her hands up your biceps to gauge just how fit you are.

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A woman who likes you and wants you to know it might laugh out loud at your jokes, even the ones that aren’t really that funny.

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