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This Sonic Blue colour, prone to turning slightly greenish due to yellowing in the top coats, was common in the first Silver Series batches. Black, white, sunburst and (Torino shade) red were the only listed options by 1993.I seem to recall, however, that in the latter phase of production, Salmon Pink Hank Marvin bodies began to appear on regular Silver Series Strats.The left hand version of the guitar was advertised in sunburst and black only. BACKGROUND Fender had produced Squier Stratocasters exclusively in Japan between 19.But in the mid ‘eighties, they were forced by the massive success of much cheaper, Korean-made guitars (the Marlin range, for example), to rethink.They wanted to produce higher budget guitars, and trade on quality and value, rather than purely price.In order to take sales away from the likes of Fender whilst promoting the superiority of their own product, Korean manufacturers (Young Chang in particular), homed in on the Squier’s plywood construction, and used it as a negative marketing ploy in their ads.For more videos by Russell, be sure to drop in on his You Tube channel, which you'll see when or if you click on these highlighted words.

I only have access to UK-focused info, but here in England, the Korean Squier Strat almost immediately became the nation’s best selling guitar, finally subordinating the Marlin Sidewinder in the market.

But as the 1990s got underway, a number of new commercial dangers for Fender began to make themselves apparent.

Fundamentally, some Korean manufacturers were not content with making rockbottom budget instruments only.

The new Japanese Squier would accordingly make it very difficult for any Korean Strat copyist to climb the price ladder.

THE SILVER SERIES STRATS IN DETAIL The first Squier Strats to come into the UK from Japan in the 1990s were the Hank Marvin models – maple neck and Salmon Pink finish only.

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