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Not someone who likes us because of our body, not someone who likes us in spite of our body. We worry if your parents are going to tell you ‘you can do better.’Any time you think it’s hard for you, remember it’s a lot harder for us.I mentioned that most of us have had bad experiences, being the ‘secret’ lover, not ever getting to meet a guy’s friends, and it’s really quite painfully true. There are lots of folks out there who hate fat people.) weight is just something you shouldn’t mention to anyone in a first conversation, fat or thin. It makes us feel like you’re talking to us JUST for our body. You don’t need to have the username ‘bbwlover2012′, you don’t need to talk in your profile about how you’re looking for a fat girl, or how you define yourself as a chubby chaser*. As much as it may seem counterintuitive since I’m writing a whole post on how to date a fat girl, but a lot of this can be boiled down to this simple statement: date a fat girl the same way you’d date any other girl.I’ve seen so many opening lines, especially on dating sites, along the lines of Here’s the thing. You probably think that it’ll make fat girls more likely to contact you first, but honestly it’s hurting your cause more than anything. *(Note, saying things like ‘real women have curves’, ‘only dogs like bones’, ‘skinny girls are gross’ are horrible things to say. We’re real people with real personalities and feelings. Again, can’t speak for all fat girls, but lots of us have had a lot of bad experiences when it comes to dating.I decided to delete every dating app because I was tired of being reduced to the curves on my body or the thickness of my lips. That if she is thin, she will be deserving of intimacy and love and money and beauty, but if she is big that she should go hide behind ill-fitting clothes and shrink herself.I decided to do some research on dating while fat and found so much stuff. Women shared stories about being hidden away by their boyfriends because of their weight, being oversexualized and objectified based on the shape of their body, being fat-shamed, called names like pig and fat bitch when they declined sex or dates. That she should just be happy with any man who deals her any ole kind of attention.

We can’t go into any old store in the mall and find an outfit. Your mileage may vary on any of these points, of course.

The first message I got was a couple trying to have me as their third, as in third wheel, as in a threesome. The following messages would start off with men requesting that I ‘sit on their face’. They’d make disgusting comments about my hips and butt. I was also fat-shamed by angry users who I wasn’t interested in.

Some of the white dudes, especially, would objectify my Black body, highlighting the size of my lips and what they’d do to them. I would tell my smaller friends who were using the same dating apps my stories.

There’s been many, many fat activists and body-positive folks responding to the topics of dating, finding love, and intimacy while being fat.

And, let me tell you, the responses have been ridiculous and the backlash agonizing. I’d spend hours swiping to the left or swiping to the right.

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)The more I talk to my friends, the more I realize that men have no idea how to talk to fat girls.

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