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Every time you start thinking the other person is better and you’re worthless, think of a reason to debunk those thoughts. In fact, he/she doesn’t want to be a mere replacement as well.

New relationship doesn’t erase the old one It’s easy to think that the new relationship, especially if the breakup is fresh, erases everything you two had. The new relationship doesn’t come with some magical option that deletes a person’s past.

Okay, you’ve probably thought about this already; your ex won because he/she found a new guy or girl before you did.

This isn’t about winning, how quickly you get into the new relationship depends on your needs and preferences.

At one point or another, you start thinking maybe he/she will dump the new flame and you’ll be together.

Deep down you know this outlook is detrimental to your emotional health and overall being at the same time.

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So you’re casually checking out what’s up on Instagram’s “Explore” section and suddenly a photo of your ex with a new flame shows up.

Accepting this fact is a part of growing up and acknowledging it is time to move on.

But, just because you’re single it doesn’t mean you are emotionally available.

Other people pick up on that and know you wouldn’t be able to commit. Newer doesn’t always equal better One of the most common reasons why we can’t let go of the fact our ex has a new love is that we automatically assume this new person is better than you in every way.

If you don’t move on and continue to dwell over your ex finding a new love, you’ll deprive yourself of the opportunity to find a new boy/girlfriend as well.

For instance, you may stress out over the fact your ex has a new flame but you don’t.

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We can strengthen our willpower just by learning from people we consider good role models.

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